Adoptable Animals

Jackson (A036933)
Male | 5-7 years | Pit Bull Type Dog | 51-60 lbs
The only thing larger than his big handsome noggin? Jackson's gigantic heart. This soft, mellow fellow adores affection and will gaze into your eyes to let you know he'd like a few more belly rubs. When not soaking up love, Jackson generally moves slowly and at times even seems a little confused. The BACS vet team thinks an old injury may have left him a little unsteady, but his sweet outlook remains fully intact.

Kaya (A037502)
Female | 6-12 months | Pit Bull Type Dog | 21-30 lbs

Kaya is like a Hershey's Kiss: irresistibly sweet and the perfect diminutive size. Kaya is a special girl; whip-smart and motivated, she loves learning new skills and already has her basic obedience cues mastered, including look, sit, down, wait, leave it, paw and other paw. Kaya waits politely at doors and meals and is easy on leash; she practices her leash manners in weekly training classes with BAD RAP. Continued training with BAD RAP is included for FREE with her adoption.

Honeybun (A037538)
Female | 1-3 years | Pit Bull Type Dog | 41-50 lbs
Honeybun has the enthusiasm and curiosity of a young pup, and loves exploring new sights and sounds on walks. She is energetic and loves to play, and we dare you not to smile every time you see her prancing gait and ears bouncing up and down with glee.

Duke (A037694)
Male | 5-7 years | Rottweiler mix | More than 70 lbs

Calling all Rottweiler enthusiasts! Our Duke is by all appearances a purebred Rottie and a gorgeous one at that. He is calm and confident meeting new people, but once he knows you he quickly reveals his loving heart and even a slightly silly side. Strapping Duke is a mature dog who is comfortable on leash and loves his walks.

Dolce (A037696)
Female | 1-3 years | Pit Bull Type Dog | 41-50 lbs
If you want to live the sweet life, look no further than the lovely Miss Dolce. This gentle girl is looking for someone who understands she can be a bit shy in the beginning, but good things come to those who wait. Dolce is a world champion walker who is easy and calm. She also knows how to savor life with some of her favorite pleasures: sniffing, people watching and rolling in the grass. Among the dog walking volunteers she is known for being very smart and picking up commands quickly.

Mowgli (A037861)
Male | 3-5 years | DSH | 11-20 lbs

Mowgli is a shy, sensitive boy. His face tells the story of a bit of a rough start in the urban jungle, but this guy is all indoor cat! He enjoys snuggling in his cat bed, a bowl full of food, and gentle pets. We are in the process of treating what appears to be a cyst under his eye, but we are thinking it's nothing serious that can be resolved before he leaves shelter. Mowgli would love a home that comes equipped with a sunny window and a warm lap.

Tabitha (A016334)
Female | 5-7 years | DSH | 6-10 lbs

Tabitha is a confident and outgoing kitty. She is quick to explore and engage when she gets time out of her cage. She’s a well-rounded kitty who alternates between lounging on her cat bed and playing up a storm when given the opportunity. Tabitha loves catnip. This cool, calm and collected girl will be a great addition to the right home - we think that could be a family with some hustle and bustle too! Tabitha is not a fan of other cats.

Smith (A037913)
Male | 1-3 years | Pit Bull Type Dog | 41-50 lbs
Work hard, play hard — that’s Smith’s motto. This guy gives his all, including genuine devotion to his human. Smith’s striking physique is matched by a robust zest for life. But for all his vigor, Smith very much looks to people for guidance and approval. He’s eager to please, highly motivated, and adores earning praise and rewards. Almost hard to believe that when he first arrived as a stray, Smith could be downright timid in unfamiliar situations.

Wendy (A038410)
Female | 1-3 years | Pit Bull Type Dog | 41-50 lbs
Description not yet available.

Maggie (A038348)
Female | 3-5 years | Chihuahua | 6-10 lbs
Description not yet available.