Adoptable Animals

Jackson (A036933)
Male | 5-7 years | Marin Marshmallow | 51-60 lbs
The only thing larger than his big handsome noggin? Jackson's gigantic heart. This soft, mellow fellow adores affection and will gaze into your eyes to let you know he'd like a few more belly rubs. When not soaking up love, Jackson generally moves slowly and at times even seems a little confused. The BACS vet team thinks an old injury may have left him a little unsteady, but his sweet outlook remains fully intact.

Smith (A037913)
Male | 1-3 years | Life O' the Party Pup | 41-50 lbs
Work hard, play hard — that’s Smith’s motto. This guy gives his all, including genuine devotion to his human. Smith’s striking physique is matched by a robust zest for life. But for all his vigor, Smith very much looks to people for guidance and approval. He’s eager to please, highly motivated, and adores earning praise and rewards. Almost hard to believe that when he first arrived as a stray, Smith could be downright timid in unfamiliar situations.

Tamer (A038388)
Male | 11+ years | DMH | 11-20 lbs

Tamer is defined in the dictionary as “tame bear.” There’s no better description for this sweet gentleman cat. Tamer is the most loving boy cat you will ever meet. He has the loudest purr and the loveliest meow. Tamer adores pets and love from anyone and everyone. Tamer has tested FIV+ so he will need an indoors only home.

Chettie (A038636)
Male | 1-3 years | San Francisco Nice-a-Roni | 31-40 lbs
With his soulful eyes and quiet curiosity, Chettie gives off a vibe that is almost deer-like. He’ll make a lovely and gentle walking companion, happy to travel in whichever direction his person is heading. In playgroup, too, he’s perfectly gentlemanly, joining in the fun with his fellow canines. Chettie, however, has become a bit stressed in his kennel and sometimes reacts to other dogs strolling by.

Muppet (A038069)
Female | 1-3 years | DSH | 6-10 lbs

Muppet was found as a kitten on the streets of Central Berkeley hungry and alone. She is a special needs cat, and will require an experienced home, without children, in which she is the only resident cat and her new guardian excels at reading and understanding feline signals and behavior. Muppet is currently in a foster home but is available through BACS. Please contact the shelter to inquire about Muppet.

Ophelia (A038973)
Female | 3-5 years | Petaluma People Pleaser | 41-50 lbs
Oh that smile! Ophelia has a smile that can light up a room and a joyful personality to match. She is, first and foremost, a people pleaser who adores humans and positively delights in their attention. A true working dog, Ophelia loves to train and learn, motivated by food rewards, but especially the enthusiastic approval of her handler. She enjoys big dog playgroups at the shelter and can potentially share a home with a well-matched dog her own size.

Arthur (A039019)
Male | 3-5 years | California Lap Squasher | 61-70 lbs
Description not yet available.

Chenille (A039065)
Female | 3-5 years | California Lap Squasher | 51-60 lbs
Description not yet available.

Brooklyn (A039146)
Female | 1-3 years | West Coast Leg Leaner | 51-60 lbs
Description not yet available.

Lois (A039265)
Female | 1-3 years | Fort Funster | 51-60 lbs
Low rider alert! Low rider Lois is a warm, affectionate dog who adores all people and loves playing with other dogs. She is a favorite with our dog walking volunteers and a star in playgroups where she loves to romp and wrestle with her canine pals. Since coming to the shelter, Lois has had sleepovers in two different homes -- one with three dogs her own size, and the other a young child, a small dog, and a cat.